Web Sites

Hopefully you have seen our new website, I say our, but really it is your web site, we are encouraging input from the Westfield community and the world community. An indication of how valuable a web site is to show your community to the world was demonstrated today when I got a communication from England asking us to trace someone from Westfield who’s father was killed in the D Day invasion in Europe.


Tops Market

We should all be pleased with the investment Tops have made in our community. It has enhanced our commercial area and is indicative of the confidence this company has in Westfield.


I visited the Fredonia University Incubator in Dunkirk last week with members of the WDC Board. What a great facility for our region. It is nurturing many new high tech businesses that will hopefully blossom into thriving companies in our region.

Check it out if you are in Dunkirk.

Jacks Barcelona had standing room only Monday night to hear Shawn Wilder our local Chautauqua Idol. What a great evening sat outside enjoying the music, food and weather. Westfield summer activities continue to grow.

Great Weekend

The sun is shining and  it feels great, Westfield at this time of year holds promise for a very enjoyable summer with pleasant walks down town to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, a real small town America feel. Chat with both old and new residents, get a coffee at Sapore or in the market, sit on the bench in Moore Park and just enjoy that feeling of living in an uncomplicated community that  goes to the heart of what life is all about. No need to keep up with the Jones’ just do what makes you feel good.

Green Shoots

The economists lately have been using the subject term to explain what is going on with the economy. I would like to think we are seeing those shoots in Westfield also. Obviously the move of the Erie Life magazine to our Main Street was a sign, but in addition I have had 3 businesses this week that I have met with that would like to open businesses in Westfield two of which will be in our downtown district. Spring is always a time of promise and I am hoping that promise transcends into reality as far as these businesses are concerned. It is a little premature to give details but keep tuned to this blog .

I mentioned about a month ago I was hopefully going to post some good news, I happy to report I now can.

This week we will be having a new business with 9 direct employees moving into the ROR building on Main Street. Erie Life Magazine soon to be called Great Lakes Life will be moving their operation to Westfield. This is a big deal for Westfield not  only will it put 9 more people on Main Street to use our stores and restaurants but they are expanding rapidly and intend to bring on more people once they get settled.

They picked Westfield because of our location in NY as they are expanding east, but because it fits their image and because they were made to feel welcome. An open day is planned for May so please welcome this new exciting business and show them that they made the right decision.